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Inspiration of the Week: a beauty in the bloom of youth

This pretty apartment in a post-war block is – by Inigo’s standards – something of a younger model. It stands a reminder that the more recent past has much magnificence to offer too

Inspiration of the Week: a beauty in the bloom of youth

Those familiar with what we do will be used to seeing things quite out of the ordinary on our listings page, from cottages of uncommon beauty to atypical townhouses of superior style. But take a look today and you might spot something that at first seems surprising for a site devoted to historical homes. “Is that a post-war apartment?” we hear you cry. Well, yes, indeed it is, we answer – and proudly. For, as of course you know by now, Inigo is nothing if not welcoming of the wonderful. And Becklow Gardens, currently on the market with us, is very wonderful indeed.

The more modern façade of this brick building in Shepherds Bush belies the jewel-like joys of the flat within, which has been conceived as a peaceful refuge from the buzz of this corner of west London. Its pretty palette plays a part in this – particularly the chalky green of the sunny sitting room and the cheery pink of the hall – appealing to our maximalist tendencies.

And, speaking of maximalism, we’re utterly enamoured by the current owner’s approach to filling the flat, particularly when it comes to prints, photos and paintings. Framed beauties hang from – and in some cases, above – the picture rail, a decorative detail that feels like a touchpoint to more traditional interiors. Texture comes courtesy of razzmatazz textiles – we love the velvet sofa with its flamestitch cushion­ – and depth from antique furniture.

And while the flat is perhaps a little younger than the places we’re used to, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice not to dive into its singular past. The Becklow Gardens development was built on the site of one of the worst bombs to have hit this part of London during World War II. As a consequence, it stands as a symbol of post-war optimism, the layouts of its apartments conceived with an understanding of the way we live now. The story of Shepherds Bush, meanwhile, stretches back much further, its name an echo of its pastoral past, when it was known for the sheep farmers that would stop here on their way to market.

With this in mind ­– and looking round this charming apartment – we’re reminded that there’s always history to be found in any home. It’s just about how you look at it.

Becklow Gardens, London W12

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