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At Inigo, we believe a beautiful home is a pleasure that never ages. We connect discerning individuals with extraordinary spaces, no matter the price or provenance.

Covering urban and rural locations across Britain, our team combines proven experience selling distinctive homes with design and architectural expertise. We unlock the true value of every cottage, coach house and conversion we represent by telling its story with in-depth features and magazine-quality photography. 

We take our name from Inigo Jones, the self-taught genius who kick-started a golden age of home design. 


Emma Mansell
David Cook
Aoife Leach

Appraisals Team

India Alexander
Katherine Banks
Kate Singer
Hadden White
Georgia Grunfeld
Hannah Cockram
Katya Edwards

Prime Team

James Klonaris
Corey Hemingway
Jamie Surman
Kate Hawkswell
Beth Moran

Sales Team

Lucy Roome
Tansy Butler-Biggs
Gigi Villavicencio
Minnie Copping
Jessica Berry
William Brock

Marketing Team

Holly Allenby
Ruby Trudgen

Editorial Team

Charlie Monaghan
Grace McCloud
Elliot Sheppard

Operations Team

Sophie Rubenstein
Rhiannon King
Rory Chadbourne

Our Founders

Albert Hill & Matt Gibberd

Our Inspirations

Our inspirations are diverse: from the freewheeling creativity of the Bloomsbury group to the finest fashion houses and Britain’s most brilliant craftspeople – and, of course, the grand classical visions of Inigo Jones himself.

We pursue this love of the idiosyncratic in everything we do, whether that’s appraising an immaculately preserved country house, or discovering exciting new talents offering fresh perspectives on the past.


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The Guild

Our Guild is a select group of creatives and thinkers united by their eclectic taste and eye for the extraordinary. In their inspired ideas and creative pursuits, they exemplify what we’re about.

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Charlie Casely-Hayford
Duncan Campbell
Lucinda Chambers
Penny Martin
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InigoInigo Logo